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King's Caves (Cuevas del Rey)
King’s Cave (Cuevas del Rey) together with Roque Bentayga and Roque Camello, form the Sierra del Bentayga archaeological complex, which was declared Asset of Cultural Interest.

In this geological formation there is a population nucleus made up of caves for rooms, storage (barns) and funeral homes, to which must be added certain manifestations that have been related to cultural practices, located mainly on the north face and articulated at various levels. .

Especially relevant is the so-called Cueva del Guayre, a square-shaped cavity, elaborately built and with a large surface area that has white, black and red painted decoration inside, as well as a complex network of cups and channels on the floor, supposing it was the residence of the Guayre (King) or Lord of the area.

On a higher level the granary seems to be arranged, with forms similar to those of the Cenobio de Valerón. It is about several silos organized in different spaces inside, according to the studies carried out in the place, there are still remains of a substance that was possibly used as a waterproofing for the preservation of food.

El Roque that makes up Cuevas del Rey, as well as Roque Bentayga and Roque Camello, is part of the Cultural Landscape of Risco Caído and the Sacred Mountains of Gran Canaria, UNESCO World Heritage since July 7, 2019.

You can get more information at the Roque Bentayga Interpretation Center, as well as directions on how to get there. Mountain footwear is recommended and on this occasion it is not recommended for small children due to its difficult access. , with narrow paths and steps carved directly into the rock.

It is a little-known archaeological gem!

King's Caves (Cuevas del Rey)
El Roque
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