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Cabecera Centro de Plantas Medicinales

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Interpretive Center of Medicinal Plants
The Medicinal Plants Center in Tejeda is a space designed to recover and disseminate the relationship between man and nature through the medicinal use of plants, remedies and their beliefs. Botanists, even shepherds, anthropologists, geographers, doctors, historians, chemists, etc. have collaborated in its design. It is a very interactive visit throughout its different rooms.

Exhibition Room
It shows the different natural medicinal remedies: origin and functions of plants, differences between popular and scientific knowledge, and much more! You will enjoy various unique corners such as the Canarian Apothecary of the 19th century, the Santería corner or the windows with traditional Sayings and Riddles. We leave you as an example a riddle: «Our white flowers are sometimes so early, that the envious snow comes to see if it beats us.» You know the answer? A track is the main element of parties.

Multipurpose Room
We will find a great variety of medicinal flora and its way of use, the benefits of Aloe Vera and Tejeda almonds accompanied by a rich infusion. It has a direct experimentation area, where we will observe different varieties of plants in their drying process. Besides, we can appreciate local products from Tejeda with beneficial effects on health like the honey from our region. We have a small service area where the visitor who wishes can taste infusions made from medicinal plants typical of the Municipality of Tejeda.

Interpretive Garden
It is a place designed to relax contemplating the environment while enjoying the smells, colors or textures of medicinal plants, grouped according to uses and properties. You can consult bibliography on medicinal flora and deepen your knowledge by browsing from the Public Internet Access Point set up for this purpose.

“This is a unique Interpretation Center in the Canary Islands where visitors are shown the value of our Natural and Cultural Heritage associated with the medicinal use of plants.”

Medicinal plants
Medicinal Plants Center
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