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Roque Bentayga
The Roque Bentayga is located within the Tejeda volcanic caldera, in the heart of the island, and is considered an archaeological monument, given that it contains an «almogarén», a term from the aboriginal dialect that we can translate as »sacred meeting place», that is, it is one of the places where the aborigines practiced their religious rituals.
On the eastern side of the base of the rock is the so-called “almogarén del Bentayga”. A stone wall that runs along the base of the rock on its east and south sides could delimit the sacred space, although other sources point to its use as a defensive bastion.

There are many theories about its name and many others are the interpretations of its use by the aborigines, the Roque Bentayga has an interpretation center where you can get information and learn a little more about our origins.

Near this idyllic rock are the ancient Canarian aboriginal settlements of Cuevas del Rey and Roque Camello, which consist of a hundred caves with rooms, burials, silos, …

The climb to Roque Bentayga is more than recommended, with a low level of difficulty making it ideal to enjoy with the whole family, at the top you will have incredible views, you will be able to contemplate the entire town of Tejeda, the Roque Nublo and Artenara. In addition, on these dates it has the added value of enjoying the Almond Blossoms!

Roque Bentayga
Roque Bentayga
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