Recreation Area Los Llanos de la Pez


It is one of the most iconic and traditional recreational and camping areas on the island since it was created in the 1970s. It is located on a plain located more than 1600 m. altitude in the center of the island about 38 km from the capital and about 1 hour of travel within the Parque Rural del Nublo.

It is surrounded by a repopulation pine forest started in the 1950s, so dense today that it needs selective logging and thinning to favor the development of the most vigorous specimens. Such density hardly allows to form an undergrowth with summit species such as yellow gorse, wallflowers, summit magarzas, white sage or the cockscomb.

The substratum is made up of basaltic-nephelinitic type basaltic flows from the post Roque Nublo cycle of the lower Pleistocene, originated by Tefra cones such as the Roque de la Salvia. At the base of these castings and in the adjacent areas appear the phololytic and chaotic materials of the “Brecha Roque Nublo”, a large stratovolcano that in this area reached nearly 3,000 m. altitude.

Both the camping area and the recreational area are part of a crossroads of roads and trails of the island network, which can connect us with emblematic places such as Roque Nublo, Ayacata, La Culata, Cruz de Tejeda, Pico de las Nieves, San Mateo and San Bartolomé de Tirajana.

Due to the high altitude, temperatures are extreme, being cold in winter, sometimes even snowing, and in summer, thermal inversion can occur, reaching high values, exceeding 30ºC, with the consequent danger of fire. The thermal oscillation between day and night is also accentuated, and can vary by more than 20ºC. Rainfall is important in winter, especially storms from the southwest, reaching values ​​of more than 1000 mm per year. When it is located to leeward, it is sheltered from the trade winds, although sometimes the sea of ​​clouds exceeds the relief, producing abundant mists.