Roque Bentayga


The Bentayga has basaltic pythons typical of the geological structure of Gran Canaria. Its height is 1,414 meters above sea level. El Roque is located within the Roque Nublo Rural Park.

The three rocks that form the Roque de Betayga represent the perfect union between what is the natural landscape of the island of Gran Canaria with its very old cultural setting, these three stone moles were the spiritual axis of the aboriginal world on the island.

In the Roque de Betayga, a complex system of dwellings of the island's aborigines was established with granaries to store food and areas specially designed to bury their dead, many years later this place served as an impregnable fortress where the canaries took refuge from the attacks of the but invaders but mainly due to its location and its unique natural characteristics this place became a religious site. An archaeological complex made up of three main nuclei, the Cuevas del Rey excavated in the Toba, the burial cave necropolis called Roque Camello and Roque de Betayga itself where ritual practices were performed.

With this excursion we can delve into the most ancient culture of Gran Canaria and at the same time enjoy one of the best views.