Roque Nublo


The Nublo Rural Park constitutes a natural and cultural reserve for man and his environment. It has extensive pine forests, trails and tracks where you can lose yourself in walking and feel in communion with nature.

Rural Parks are those wide Natural Spaces, in which agricultural and livestock or fishing activities coexist, with others of special natural and ecological interest, forming a landscape of great ecocultural interest that requires its conservation.

In the Rural Park of the Nublo multiple values ​​of interest coincide that justify its protection. It houses natural habitats in good condition, abundant endemic and threatened species, some of which are restricted to this natural space such as the rose bush (Dendriopoterium pulidoi).

The forest stands included in this park play a notable role in recharging the underground aquifer and soil conservation, apart from constituting a sample of one of the most characteristic systems in the Canary Islands, the pine forest.

This is magnificently represented in the Inagua Comprehensive Natural Reserve, one of the oldest pine forests in the Canary Islands.