Tejeda has a network of hiking trails that was created to provide communication and transport among the many villages. Nowadays, these trails have been fitted out so that they can be used by hikers looking for leisure and nature. 

Among the most popular routes, there is the path that leads from the Tejeda village to the Roque Nublo going past La Culata. The final ascent is greatly rewarded with the breathtaking view that can be seen from the foot of the Nublo Rock. 

It is not difficult to discover a great deal of endemic species during the walking tours.

You can see the trekking route here










The rocks’ extraordinary quality and the walls’ height, together with the easy access, the climate and the beauty of the environment turned this municipality into the prime site for classical climbing in Gran Canaria for more than 3 decades. 

Today there are hundreds of ways with various heights and levels of difficulty already opened by climbers belonging to mountaineering groups in different periods.












Due to the cleanness of the Tejeda night skies, there is no need of using neither telescopes nor other enhancing lenses to satisfy the curiosity of those who like to look up at the galaxies, the stars and the planets, visible to the naked eye from these heights. 

The Canary Islands on the whole are an essential spot for astrophysicist observatories.

Again, the cleanness of its skies and the absence of light pollution it is always possible to watch at least one shooting star twinkling in the night time sky.

Astronomy documentation, here










The steep hanging cliffs of Tejeda make hunting a challenge for the hunters. The hunting is carried out from August to September, months in which the close season ends officially. 

The partridge and the rabbit are the most common kind of prey, followed by the turtledove and the quail. The hunter’s most loyal and unbearable friend is the Canarian hound. 

Since 1973, when the official opening was, Tejeda possesses a shooting field. The Shooting Club Bentayga organises shootings during the Almond-Tree-In-Bloom or the Virgen del Socorro festivals, very popular among hunters.









Photography and painting​

The unique colors of the sunset in Tejeda, the majesty of its Rocks as well as the peace that is all around have been an endless source of inspiration for photographers and painters.

Thus, Tejeda is considered a shelter for artists.











Sport instalations​

Tejeda has a newly remodeled sports facilities, swimming pool and soccer field artificial turf. 

The Department of Sports organizes sports events every summer for the people of the municipality and others.












Festival Calendar​ 

Fiestas Patronales en Honor a la Virgen Nuestra Señora del Socorro

Is held in September. The Virgin is stroll on his throne in a procession through the principal streets of Tejeda. The People dressed in traditional costumes made offerings to all the typical products of the area.


Fiesta del Almendro en Flor

Held in the month of February when the almond trees flood the landscape with its white flowers that herald spring. Recognized as one of the most attractive and traditional fiestas de Gran Canaria. An expression of the traditions in all fields: crafts, folklore and customs.


Fiesta de la Polvajera

Is celebrated as festival of carnivals.


Fiestas Lustrales de Confraternidad

Parish and Ilustre Ayuntamiento de Tejeda, during Festivities in honor of Nuestra Señora del Socorro, started in 2005 the first festival lustral event that no doubt drives the celebration and tribute to Our Mother of favorite Tejeda.


Ofrenda Romería a Nuestra Señora del Socorro

Each district of the municipality, led by the traditional floats, carefully awarded for this special occasion, present their offerings to Our Lady of Socorro in a kingdom by the sounds and songs of the folk music canaria and where needed with a tasty enyesque glass of good wine.


Tradicional Feria de Ganado de Tejeda

It is one of the central events developed during the conduct of the Festivities in Honor of Our Lady the Virgen del Socorro.

Tejeda different livestock and other municipalities of the island, have their traditional animals in this exhibition for the delight of all who come to enjoy this fun day. Finally, the best specimens will be rewarded for the joy and pride of their owners.